“Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.”

Thursday, April 19, 2012

You Want A Man With A Slow Hand...

Authors Note:
This is my first attempt at a sex scene... so please bare with me.  And with that, if you're not into reading that kind of thing--then just hold up for my next post.  You're not missing anything important... well besides sex with Sidney Crosby...


It was the best sleep I’d ever had.

Not once did my dreams consume me and wake me up in the middle of the night.  Not once did I have to scramble for an extra blanket to keep from freezing.  The headlights of cars passing through the complex lit up my room, but still I didn’t wake.

When I finally came to, I felt revived, well rested.  I snuggled further into my pillow, sighing.  Lazily, my lump of a body awoke to quickly catch up with my mind, little tingles spreading from my toes up my legs and to my lower back—

My eyes snapped open.  Uh… I guess I’m not the only one awake?!

I had almost forgot he had spent the night.  Tucked in tight behind me was Sidney’s warm body, his head resting in the crook of his arm and the other draped loosely over my side.  Our legs were intertwined, and a beginning hard on was pressed into my ass.

Really, it was no big deal, a natural thing—a fact of life.  Any other guy-friend and she wouldn’t think anything of it—but this isn’t any other guy.  This is Patty.  This is Sidney.

I had to get out of there quickly.  There was only so much of his athletic body, pouty lips and well—you know, THAT—there was only so much a girl could handle without going crazy. 

I lifted my head as slowly and quietly as I could, peaking to see the clock flashing 8:00AM.  Just as I was about to sneak out of bed, curling my legs up and towards the side, the heavy silence was broken.


“Good morning,” Sidney said, his voice husky from sleep.

He nuzzled into to Elaine’s thick hair, breathing in the scent of vanilla.  She let out a ragged breath, his arm rising and falling with her body.  “Good morning,”

And it was a good morning. 

Sidney fell asleep well after Elaine, thinking and planning ideas on how to make the girl his.  He felt like he was halfway there, hell he was in her bed!  Which is exactly why he stayed up so late, he had to think of everything possible to get all the sexual ideas out of his head.  But no matter what he came up with he somehow turned it around, and Elaine invaded his thoughts, evident in his morning wood.

Sid curled his legs around hers, and tightened his arm around Elaine’s waist.  He pulled her into him at the same time he pressed his hips into the curve of her tight ass.  He couldn’t resist, letting out a strangled moan.

“How did you sleep?”  Sidney asked casually as he grabbed her by the knees and turned her on to her back with an ungraceful 'oomf'.  The sight of her biting her lip nervously made Sidney cocky, proud, and incredibly horny.  Whatever blood was left pumping through his body shot down south.

His lips grazing her ear lightly and she shivered, “I know I had the best dream,”


He had to be trying to kill me, no other explanation.  Sidney’s body lay heavily on mine, almost crushing me.  Oh, but what a way to go…

My eyes fluttered shut as Sidney explored any exposed skin with his full lips.  He deliberately grinded against me, “Mmm, Elaine,” he whispered.

That was all I needed.  My body took over, and was quick to throw my inhibitions and thoughts out the window.  I held his gaze and lifted my hips to his, a lopsided grin graced those pillow lips before me. 

Let’s go.


A sense of relief rushed over him when she met his thrust. 

A hand tangled itself in her hair, gripping the back of her head.  Sidney leaned down, his mouth so close to hers.  Elaine was biting her bottom lip, and he was quick to steal it from her, nipping and picking, teasing her.

When she whined, he put her of out her misery and captured her lips with his.  Sidney held her tighter when she kissed back hungrily.  Elaine tilted her head to the side and deepened the kiss.

Sid wound a hand underneath her shirt and grazed her flat stomach.  He was selfish and eager for more, and he slipped his tongue across her bottom lip.  Elaine moaned against his lips and he took advantage of her vulnerability.  His tongue slipped between her parted lips and invaded her wet mouth.

The kiss was delicious, fierce, and incredibly hot. 

Their tongues twined, fighting for dominance as Sid’s free hand whipped Elaine’s shirt over her head, exposing her round, pale breasts.  Her skin was smooth against his rough, worn hands as he grabbed her round breasts in his large hand, tweaking her nipples with the pad of his thumbs until they were hard and erect.

Elaine pulled away, gasping for air.


Enough.  Enough foreplay, enough waiting.

I was already more than ready, my wet panties were evidence.  But then Sidney found my weak spot—rarely discovered.  He kissed and sucked hard along my neck, just below my ear.  Instinctively my hands clutched onto his famous, well-defined ass, bringing him hard down on me. 

“Sidney,” I heard a voice moan, surprised it must have been mine.

Sid cupped the cleft between my legs.  “You want this too, eh?” he chuckled against my lips.  He reclaimed my mouth as he slipped a finger into my panties.  Breathe!

Sid wasted no time in pumping two thick fingers into my slick wetness.  My breath hitched, and I lifted my hips to meet his fast working hand.  “Mmm, baby, I want you.” Sidney said through gritted teeth.  I had noticed until then that he was practically humping the bed—he wasn’t going to last long at this rate.

“I'm ready,” I assure him.  He grunted, stilling his body.  “First.  You, now.” He demanded like a caveman.

My body was no longer under my control, and apparently neither was my mouth.  “Sidney.  I have something to tell you—I’ve never… during actual sex… uhh…” I blurted out.  Sidney’s hand stopped promptly, and pulled away just barely to look me in the eye.  “I know.”

“What?!” I practically shouted.

He laughed, twirling a strand of hair around his finger.  “Those boys you’ve been with before,” Sid spoke casually, “they were just that—boys.  It takes a man to please a woman,”


“What if I don’t—“ 

“—Don’t underestimate me Elaine,” he cut me off sternly.

“Practice makes perfect,” He bent down to whisper in my ear and I felt his hand return to my heat below, “And I love to practice,”


Elaine fell back against the pillows, her chest rising and falling as she tried to catch her breathe after he took her over the edge.

First step completed, Sidney thought as he rummaged through her bedside tables looking for a condom.

“Right table.  Second drawer.  Back left.”  She directed, her hand reaching inside his briefs.  He hissed as she began stoked his shaft.  Sid shimmied out of the last barrier between them.  Elaine sat up, “Let me,”

Their gaze held as she slid the condom down his hard on.  He had to think of something to keep himself from blowing his load, like Jordan’s jockstrap… hell even his own.  Elaine titled her lips to his and he kissed her sweetly.  “Be easy on me?” she practically whispered.

He wasn’t huge, but Sid new from experience that it took some adjusting.  He lowered Elaine back down onto the bed and spread her thighs apart with his knee.  Unable to handle any more foreplay, Sid pressed the tip of cock to her slick entrance.  Inch by inch he buried himself deep inside her, giving her time to adjust to his size.  

Elaine gasped in pleasure.  Sidney slid all the way out and drove back into her.  A growl came from deep in him as he moved hard into her.  “You feel so fucking incredible,”

Their hands explored each other’s skin, seemingly endless.  The sound of their bodies joining was drowned out by their deep breaths, sloppy kisses and constant cries of pleasure.

Sidney’s fingers snaked between them and frantically rubbed her clit, “I’m gonna lose it Elaine, come for me,” he practically begged.  He ducked down and took her hard nipple into his mouth, matching the speed of his tongue to that of his finger.

Elaine bucked her hips against his and covered his hand with hers.  Without words she told him what she needed, and Sid drew circles over her little nub.  He sucked hard on her nipple before biting down on it, slamming his dick into her and pressing down on her clit, all at once.

Her body froze and the room went silent.  Elaine let out a staggered breath before her back arched slightly off the bed and she came.  She whimpered as her muscles pulsed around a still Sidney.

When she came, Sidney dove into her core, more slick than before.  He groaned long and low as he found the release he’d been longing for.  He buried his face into Elaine’s neck, biting her shoulder hard to stifle a cry while his hips jerked against her and he emptied himself.


I struggled to control my breathing.  It had been a while since I’d had sex, and I made the decision right then and there that I’d never go that long without it ever again.  I had a feeling that Sidney would agree with me.

Sidney’s defined body weighed heavily on mine, my ass was still firmly in his grasp.  “Two-a-days,” he mumbled against my neck, his breath tickling my skin.

“What?” I asked, stroking his dark curly hair.

His head popped up and he looked me dead in the eye, “Two-a-day practice.  As the coach I think that it's what we need,” he deadpanned.

I couldn’t hold back and giggled.  "Oh, is that what Coach thinks?”  He nodded eagerly.

“Well,” I sighed, “Whatever Coach says,”

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Gonna Getcha If It Takes All Night...

My eyes never once glanced away from the bathroom door as I scrubbed my teeth so hard I could feel the bristles of the toothbrush scraping my gums.

I reminded myself to breath, ending up choking on toothpaste and spit.  I rinsed my mouth out and took a step back from the bathroom counter and looked at myself in the mirror.

It’s not that big of a deal, its just Patty.  We’ve had sleepovers before… true—however—I didn’t want to jump him before… totally different now!  There was no way I could say no to Sidney when he asked to spend the night.  Not only did I know he had had a long day, but a part of my, a very loud part of me, wanted nothing more than to lay beside him in bed.

Some may say it was the alcohol, I like to think that it was more like hormones and the lack of sex I had had recently.

I pulled down on my long sleeved Penguins shirt and tugged on my boy shorts underwear.  Of course I wouldn’t own any pajama shorts!

Taking a deep breath, I ruffed up my hair and opened the door and turned out the lights behind me.

I stopped in the trek to my bed.  My eyes traveling up and down the athletic body, wishing away the sheet that sat just below the waistline of his briefs.  Sidney lay there in bed, my bed, with nothing but a pair of black boxer briefs hugging those thick tree trunks you call legs.  With a hand resting behind his full head of hair and the other resting on his shirtless, defined abs, he flipped through the channels on the TV across from the bed.

Oh. My. Patty.


He didn’t know what she was standing there for and was oblivious to anything he said.  Sidney took her speechless state, a rarity, to take in the sight before him.

Elaine’s hair was messy and her face was makeup free, the way Sidney liked it.  A sense of pride washed over him at the sight of her in a Penguins tee, knowing that she was a die-hard Washington Capitals fan.  It only boosted his ego at the thought of ‘Crosby 87’ written across her back.

Sidney let his eyes travel down her body.  The dim light from the bedside table lamp subdued the fairness of her skin.  Barely-there panties were all that to covered her curvaceous legs, her fingers tugging at the seams absentmindedly.

He propped himself up on his left elbow to face her.  “Coming to bed?” he asked quietly.

Elaine marched across the room like she was given strict orders.  Sid was a little disappointed when she chose to walk around the foot of the bed to her side instead of climbing over him.

Though he knew that he’d probably die if she did.

Elaine dived under the covers and lay there next to him.  Sid could tell she was a bit off, so he kept the TV on to relax them both.  Not even 10 minutes later he noticed Elaine drifting off.

He hit the power button on the remote and turned out the light, flipping over onto his stomach.  He made sure to keep it tucked in under his waist so Elaine wouldn’t be able to conceal her body from his eyes.

Sidney draped an arm across her stomach, slipping a hand just under her shirt and around her side, pulling her close to him.  She breathed out a deep sigh before snuggling in and drifting off to sleep. 

Sid knew what he was doing, from the second he asked to spend the night.  He would be lying if he said it hadn't been on his mind all night.  The sexy outfit Elaine had worn out to the club, how close they were to each other, the fact that she never once moved away from his hand on her leg of kiss to the cheek.  He thought about this all night.

He'd let her sleep tonight.  But come morning?  Sidney couldn't help but grin at the thought.

He wanted this, and Sidney always got what he wanted.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Wanna Come Over...

What felt like a year had only been just a few weeks.  I hadn’t heard from Brendon since Sidney threw—no, punched him out of my apartment. 

I had my few days of wallowing in the mess that Brendon and I were, but that’s all I had needed.  And like the best friend that he was, my Patty hadn’t left my side.  I told him honestly that I was fine, but he still stayed close by.

Vero had caught me on a ridiculously good day at work, and somehow on this green earth convinced me to go out to the club after a Penguins home game.  Only realizing when I came down from my high what I had agreed to.

I spent half the week making up excuses and lies so I wouldn’t have to go.  But who was I kidding?  This is Vero we’re talking about—she saw right through me every single time.

As I stood in front of the full-length mirror in my room, all I saw was a girl with a too short skirt on—clearly out of her element.

“Will you hurry up already?  I told you, what you picked out was fine!” Vero groaned from the other side of the bedroom door.

“Just give me a minute!” I whined back.

I could hear her mumble something in French but I couldn’t understand.  I crawled on the floor to grab a box from underneath my bed.

My emergency stash.

For my 21st birthday Kelsey had given me more liquor to last me until my 30th birthday—and I had made little progress.  Never a fan of drinking excessively, but totally understanding it’s need to calm the nerves, I attempted to down an airplane bottle of rum.

I got back up and adjusted my skirt… again.  I touched up my lipstick and ran my hands through my hair before I took a final look at myself.

Here goes!


It was packed.  The Saturday night crowd was alive and dancing when the guys arrived at Diesel, ready to blow off steam after the team’s loss at home.  They headed towards the back corner and snaked a large half circle booth.

Kris was quick to buy a round of shots.  “To get the edge off,” he had said.

He laughed at Sidney, glancing at his bouncing leg under the table.  “Do you need another one?” 

“Where are the girls?” he grunted.

“They’re coming, they’re coming,” Marc assured him.

“Why do you want to see them so bad anyhow?”  Jordan surprised Sid when he spoke up.  He thought he wasn’t paying attention to anything but the busty blonde in his lap.

Sidney went to answer, but thought better of it and kept his mouth shut.  Wish he could say the same for Marc, though.

“His girl is coming,”

Marc threw his arms up in defense when Sidney shot a killer glare at him—the kind he gets when he’s about to take a face off.

“Elaine’s coming?!” Jordan squealed, pushing the girl off his lap.  She stomped her foot and huffed before storming off.

Everyone turned to Kris when he let out a low whistle, staring past the group.

The guys followed his stare towards the club entrance.  Marc’s eyes stopped at Vero walking towards them, but Jordan, Kris and Sidney all watched as Elaine followed behind.

She wore a fitted red skirt with a black zipper up the side and a sleeveless navy blue top loosely tucked in.  It had a plunging neck, so low that they had to wonder if she was wearing a bra.  Elaine’s silver earrings shined when the lights in the club hit them.

Sidney had never seen her in something so, so sexy.  And man was she working it.

“I saw her first,” Kris smirked.

TK laughed, “Uh, dude—I think she’s already taken,”

Sidney was out of the booth when Elaine finally reached their table.  Her high heels gave her a few inches, but Sid still towered over her.

“Hey,” she smiled.

He bent down and kissed her cheek, his lips lingering just a second too long.  “Hey,”


I couldn’t believe I was actually having fun.  The guys were being hilarious as always, and drinks were being passed around.  I had even danced a couple songs with Jordan, that boy can move!

A couple of us were back at the booth—it was just Vero, Marc, TK, Sidney and I.

We were watching with amusement as Vero and Marc bickered when I felt a hand on my thigh.  Sid leaned in close, “You good?”

I nodded, “I’m great,”

“Need a drink?”

I told him no and he nodded.  He didn’t scoot back and his hand stayed on my thigh.  Our bodies were pressed up tight against each other, with plenty of space on our sides.

The rest of the night was the same—fun, and incredibly close to Patty.  Every so often would he lean in and kiss my cheek, for no reason.

And you know what?  I kind of liked it.  I liked it a lot, actually.

It was almost 2 am when we all started to file out.  Marc had to help Vero home—she had one too many shots.  “Elaine, I can drop you off—”

“No I got her,” Sid told Marc.  He quickly led me to his Range Rover, his hand firm on the small of my back.

The car ride was quiet, but it was late and we were both tired.

When Sidney pulled up outside my apartment he put the car in park and turned off the engine.

“Uh, do you,” he stuttered, “Do you mind if I stay over?  I’m kind of tired,”

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back Off I'll Take You On...

Sidney stood there with his hands full.  His face had gone through ten emotions within seconds of walking through the door.  He was gripping the paper bags with everything he had, they were sure to rip any second.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Sidney growled.

Elaine took a few steps to stand in between him and Brendon.  She looked at him with pleading eyes, as if to ask him to let her handle it.  Sidney was giving her five minutes to explain what the hell was going on before he dropped everything and murdered Brendon right there on her kitchen floor.

Brendon glanced between Sidney and Elaine with a know-it-all smirk.  “You still going to deny it?”

“I never once cheated on you Brendon.  Believe it or not but I was in a relationship with you, I liked you.  Though for some reason,” she laughed lightly, “I can’t quite figure out why.” her voice dripping with disdain.

“Oh fuck you,” he spat.

Sid came at him, but Elaine put her hands on his chest and shoved him lightly.  He couldn’t help but put a hand on her hip protectively, like he’d be able to keep her out of the way when he threw a punch.

“Leave Brendon.  I’m not going to let you come into my home and accuse me of shit like this.  There’s nothing else to deal with here.  Leave,” Elaine discreetly leaned back against Sidney’s chest for support.

Walking over to the family room, Brendon grabbed his jacket off the back of the couch.  He stopped just short outside the doorway.  “You can have her Sidney, she’s shit in bed,”

In the blink of an eye Sidney decked Brendon right in the face.  Brendon stumbled to a knee and clutched his nose.

“Don’t you ever fucking come near her again,” Sidney barked, slamming the door.  They could hear the faint shouts on the other side of the door.

Sid whipped around and pulled Elaine into his arms, holding her tight.  “Are you ok?” he asked.

“Me?” she tried to hide a sniffle and reached for his right hand, “Are you ok?”


The remnants of lunch covered the coffee table while they watched Friends on TV.  Elaine was sprawled out on the chaise lounge part of the L couch and Sidney sat comfortably beside her head.

A bag of ice was resting on his right hand at his side.  He told her he didn’t need it.  “Patty,” she glared.

Elaine giggled at a witty comment, bringing Sid out of his daze.  He hadn’t been paying attention to the TV at all.  His mind was elsewhere.

She told him what had happened, from the beginning.  Why they broke up, why Brendon came over… it only made Sidney even angrier.  How could someone be such an asshole, and to Sid’s best friend?  Hell, how could Elaine fall for someone like that?  Though that wasn’t fair to Elaine, he could tell she was upset even though she did her best to hide it.

“It’s done.  My heart didn’t break—just a little bruised.  Nothing to worry about.” Elaine had told him rationally.

His eyes fixed on the girl who was snuggling with his left arm, holding it tight against her like a teddy bear.  Sidney stared at her while her body shook his arm in laughter. 

Brendon had been wrong about one thing: Sidney and Elaine hadn’t been together.  As for there being something between them, he wasn’t going to deny it.

The past couple months flew through Sid’s mind.  The first time they met and how much fun they had together.  The numerous nights they spent together, grabbing dinner or a movie.  Being each other’s sidekicks out at the club.  Trusting each other and spilling secrets, something neither of them had done before.

Sidney didn’t know why he never thought of it before, how he never caught on that he always mentioned Elaine to his mom on the phone, or always factored her in to his future plans.

He had fallen for his best friend, and in just a matter of months.  

The only thing that scared him more than that, was that after everything that had happened, she might run away to hide behind her castle walls.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

You Can't Hide Your Lyin' Eyes...

I sat nervously on the couch, sitting as far away from Brendon as I could.  He had come over to see how I was doing--so sweet of him, right?

I couldn't find the strength to say anything, I knew I'd get upset.  Avoiding looking him the eye, I let my eyes wander my apartment.  If all he had seen was my place, he'd think I was doing just fine.  Cleaning was my own method of clearing my head, it was always relaxing to be in a spick-and-span environment.  Magazines were stacked straight on the coffee table at our feet, blankets were folded nicely on the back of my cocoon of a chair.  I had rearranged my bedroom furniture and wiped down the countertops in the kitchen.  Curtains were pulled back to let the sun in and my view of Pittsburgh was on display.

After what felt like an eternity of silence but in reality was only a minute, I saw out of the corner of my eye Brendon sighing before he dropped his head on the back of the couch.

"Look, I just wanted to come by and apologize.  I didn't plan for it to happen like this."

"Being with someone else, or getting caught--which part didn't you plan for?" I was just as surprised to hear the sound of my own voice as Brendon was.

Standing up, I couldn't stop the words from blurting out of my mouth as I paced in front of the TV.  "Was it me?  I mean, why would you do that?"

Chuckling, Brendon leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees.  I almost slugged him right there.  I knew I sounded like the stereotypical girl who wouldn't face the fact that she was dumped, but I was without an explanation.  And I was dying for one.

"Why?" I repeated, my voice raising.

"We weren't even together when I was with Lindsey!" He shouted back.  I couldn't hide it when I flinched at her name.  "I mean we were, just not, not officially.  It's not like you weren't seeing someone else either, I'm not stupid Elaine,"

Resting on my hip with my arms across my chest, I tapped my foot and cocked an eyebrow at him.  "So you're going to play dumb now?"  I stared at him blankly.

Brendon raised from the couch and took a few steps.  At first I thought that was it, he was going to leave and I would be even more confused.  But he whipped around, his chest rising quickly.

"You know, I can't believe you're standing here making me look like the asshole,"

"You are the ass--" Marching right up to him, I started to yell.

"Just because you may not have been fucking him, it doesn't mean you weren't cheating!" Brendon barked.

"Wha--what, Brendon who are you talking about?"

"IIIIIIII'vveee got sandwhicheeeeeeees!" bellowed Sidney as he came swinging through the front door, a smile on his lips, food and drinks in hand.

Brendon glanced at Sidney before looking back at me.  "Speak of the devil!" he said sarcastically, like he was answering my question.

Your timing is impeccable Sidney Crosby.

I'mma Fight A Man Tonight...

"He did what?!" Sid yelled, his shot going far wide of Flower in goal.

"Sidney.  You are not allowed to say anything.  You're not even supposed to know--I'm not even supposed to know." Kris stated firmly.

Brendon was dead before.  But now, now his family won't even be able to identify his body.  Not with the anger Sidney felt and the ideas he had thanks to TV and movies.

Gripping his stick hard, Sidney didn't even flinch when Coach blew the whistle to bring it in.  Thankfully practice was over, and Sidney marched to the locker room and quickly shed his gear.

"Woah there, you alright Kiddo?" Pascal Dupuis asked quietly, pealing off his own practice jersey.

"Fine," he grunted.

"Who pissed the captain off?" Dupuis announced.

Jordan's head whipped towards Kris.  "You didn't,"

"It slipped!  He was bound to find out anyway," Kris defended.

Flower and Jordan shook their heads while Kris's shoulders dropped.  "What slipped?" the other boys in the locker room wondered.

Sighing, Flower mumbled, "Vero's going to murder us.  Elaine and Brendon broke up,"

Everyone knew that already, the guys were quick to talk about how Brendon has stood Elaine and them up last week.

"They broke up because Brendon was cheating on her." Flower finished.

"What?" The guys all yelled.

"That mother fucker!"

"Is she ok?"

"I'm surprised he's still breathing," Sidney jerked his head up.  "I just found out.  Trust me if I had known," he growled.

"How did she find out?" TK asked.

"I overheard her talking with the girls.  Apparently the night he was supposed to meet up with us she had called him to see where he was.  He thought she was the other girl he was seeing," Marc explained, "it turns out, his trips to New York to see family was really him shacking up with the skank for the weekend."

Sidney had heard enough, he didn't like hearing it the first place so he definitely wasn't going to listen to it a second time.  Without taking shower he grabbed his wallet, keys, and phone before storming past his teammates and through the doors to the parking lot.  When he got to his car, he jumped in and slammed the door.

He wanted to march right on over to her place and ask why she hadn't told him, but more than that he wanted to get Brendon's address so he can finish him off.

The sound of a text message brought him back to reality.

From: Elaine
Please tell me practice is over.  I'm hungry.  Feeeeeed meeeeeee!  

Sid couldn't help it as his lips curled up slightly.  He'd seen no change in her mood lately, which totally threw him off.

Quickly texting her back, he threw his phone into the center console before heading out onto the streets of Pittsburgh.


I had changed into a pair of skinny jeans and a long sweater and grabbed for my shoes when I heard a knock at the door.

Well, he sure is fast, I thought.

I scurried over to my door, tripping on the kitchen stool along the way, cursing at myself.  Hobbling to my front door I swung it open as I started to tease Sidney for being so prompt.

"Either you flew here or you were outside---"

My voice gave out as I my eyes met the man in my doorway, the last man I wanted to see.