“Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.”

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Gonna Getcha If It Takes All Night...

My eyes never once glanced away from the bathroom door as I scrubbed my teeth so hard I could feel the bristles of the toothbrush scraping my gums.

I reminded myself to breath, ending up choking on toothpaste and spit.  I rinsed my mouth out and took a step back from the bathroom counter and looked at myself in the mirror.

It’s not that big of a deal, its just Patty.  We’ve had sleepovers before… true—however—I didn’t want to jump him before… totally different now!  There was no way I could say no to Sidney when he asked to spend the night.  Not only did I know he had had a long day, but a part of my, a very loud part of me, wanted nothing more than to lay beside him in bed.

Some may say it was the alcohol, I like to think that it was more like hormones and the lack of sex I had had recently.

I pulled down on my long sleeved Penguins shirt and tugged on my boy shorts underwear.  Of course I wouldn’t own any pajama shorts!

Taking a deep breath, I ruffed up my hair and opened the door and turned out the lights behind me.

I stopped in the trek to my bed.  My eyes traveling up and down the athletic body, wishing away the sheet that sat just below the waistline of his briefs.  Sidney lay there in bed, my bed, with nothing but a pair of black boxer briefs hugging those thick tree trunks you call legs.  With a hand resting behind his full head of hair and the other resting on his shirtless, defined abs, he flipped through the channels on the TV across from the bed.

Oh. My. Patty.


He didn’t know what she was standing there for and was oblivious to anything he said.  Sidney took her speechless state, a rarity, to take in the sight before him.

Elaine’s hair was messy and her face was makeup free, the way Sidney liked it.  A sense of pride washed over him at the sight of her in a Penguins tee, knowing that she was a die-hard Washington Capitals fan.  It only boosted his ego at the thought of ‘Crosby 87’ written across her back.

Sidney let his eyes travel down her body.  The dim light from the bedside table lamp subdued the fairness of her skin.  Barely-there panties were all that to covered her curvaceous legs, her fingers tugging at the seams absentmindedly.

He propped himself up on his left elbow to face her.  “Coming to bed?” he asked quietly.

Elaine marched across the room like she was given strict orders.  Sid was a little disappointed when she chose to walk around the foot of the bed to her side instead of climbing over him.

Though he knew that he’d probably die if she did.

Elaine dived under the covers and lay there next to him.  Sid could tell she was a bit off, so he kept the TV on to relax them both.  Not even 10 minutes later he noticed Elaine drifting off.

He hit the power button on the remote and turned out the light, flipping over onto his stomach.  He made sure to keep it tucked in under his waist so Elaine wouldn’t be able to conceal her body from his eyes.

Sidney draped an arm across her stomach, slipping a hand just under her shirt and around her side, pulling her close to him.  She breathed out a deep sigh before snuggling in and drifting off to sleep. 

Sid knew what he was doing, from the second he asked to spend the night.  He would be lying if he said it hadn't been on his mind all night.  The sexy outfit Elaine had worn out to the club, how close they were to each other, the fact that she never once moved away from his hand on her leg of kiss to the cheek.  He thought about this all night.

He'd let her sleep tonight.  But come morning?  Sidney couldn't help but grin at the thought.

He wanted this, and Sidney always got what he wanted.


  1. Daaaang!

    She's scared shitless and the man is like uh huh I'm gonna have you.

    Of course he knows what he's doing. Yeah like lying down shirtless in a girls bed isn't enough to set a girl off. He is evil.

    Now to see what morning brings...

    Update soon!!!

  2. LOVE the update Don't leave us hanging!