“Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.”

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'mma Fight A Man Tonight...

"He did what?!" Sid yelled, his shot going far wide of Flower in goal.

"Sidney.  You are not allowed to say anything.  You're not even supposed to know--I'm not even supposed to know." Kris stated firmly.

Brendon was dead before.  But now, now his family won't even be able to identify his body.  Not with the anger Sidney felt and the ideas he had thanks to TV and movies.

Gripping his stick hard, Sidney didn't even flinch when Coach blew the whistle to bring it in.  Thankfully practice was over, and Sidney marched to the locker room and quickly shed his gear.

"Woah there, you alright Kiddo?" Pascal Dupuis asked quietly, pealing off his own practice jersey.

"Fine," he grunted.

"Who pissed the captain off?" Dupuis announced.

Jordan's head whipped towards Kris.  "You didn't,"

"It slipped!  He was bound to find out anyway," Kris defended.

Flower and Jordan shook their heads while Kris's shoulders dropped.  "What slipped?" the other boys in the locker room wondered.

Sighing, Flower mumbled, "Vero's going to murder us.  Elaine and Brendon broke up,"

Everyone knew that already, the guys were quick to talk about how Brendon has stood Elaine and them up last week.

"They broke up because Brendon was cheating on her." Flower finished.

"What?" The guys all yelled.

"That mother fucker!"

"Is she ok?"

"I'm surprised he's still breathing," Sidney jerked his head up.  "I just found out.  Trust me if I had known," he growled.

"How did she find out?" TK asked.

"I overheard her talking with the girls.  Apparently the night he was supposed to meet up with us she had called him to see where he was.  He thought she was the other girl he was seeing," Marc explained, "it turns out, his trips to New York to see family was really him shacking up with the skank for the weekend."

Sidney had heard enough, he didn't like hearing it the first place so he definitely wasn't going to listen to it a second time.  Without taking shower he grabbed his wallet, keys, and phone before storming past his teammates and through the doors to the parking lot.  When he got to his car, he jumped in and slammed the door.

He wanted to march right on over to her place and ask why she hadn't told him, but more than that he wanted to get Brendon's address so he can finish him off.

The sound of a text message brought him back to reality.

From: Elaine
Please tell me practice is over.  I'm hungry.  Feeeeeed meeeeeee!  

Sid couldn't help it as his lips curled up slightly.  He'd seen no change in her mood lately, which totally threw him off.

Quickly texting her back, he threw his phone into the center console before heading out onto the streets of Pittsburgh.


I had changed into a pair of skinny jeans and a long sweater and grabbed for my shoes when I heard a knock at the door.

Well, he sure is fast, I thought.

I scurried over to my door, tripping on the kitchen stool along the way, cursing at myself.  Hobbling to my front door I swung it open as I started to tease Sidney for being so prompt.

"Either you flew here or you were outside---"

My voice gave out as I my eyes met the man in my doorway, the last man I wanted to see.

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