“Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.”

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

After Tonight...

Kerry and Nick left for California in the middle of June.  The send off was so sad it was almost pathetic.  Nick had to pull Kerry away or else they’d miss their flight.  We talked on the phone for another hour when they landed.  I’d miss that girl.

Time was flying by, it was now early August and I had just gotten back from a family vacation in North Carolina.  I walked into my local gym and headed for the dance room, where I spotted a thin, beautiful brunette stretching on the floor and I sauntered on over.

She looked up as I came to her side.  “Allo Elaine!” she grinned at me.

“Hi Vero,” I smiled back.

Looking me up and down, she seemed confused.  “I thought you said you went to the beach?”

“Yea, I did.” I replied.

“Where’s your tan?” Vero laughed, “You’re so pail you’re blinding me girl!”  I knocked her shoulder and rolled my eyes.  “Yea, yea, yea.  You’re so funny,” I fought back a smile.

A moment later the instructor came gleefully into the workout room.  I offered my hand and helped Vero up as our Zumba class was about to begin.


An hour later I was dragging my feet, tired from the workout and annoyed with listening to the instructor yelling “C’mon girls, lets’ work!  Faster!  Shake those hips!”

As Vero and I left the gym together she invited me to grab some food and drinks, as she does after every class.  Usually I fibbed and said I had plans, and most nights she just let me go even though she never believed me. 

Apparently, this wasn’t one of those nights.

“Elaine!” her stern, loud voice surprised me I practically flinched.  “If you don’t eat with me you’re going to become an old lady with cats who has no friends and just stays in her apartment that’s so old dirty you get spider webs!”

Sweet girl, right?

Needless to say, I give in.  Vero had jogged to the gym (overachiever) so we hopped into my car and she gave me directions to a small pizza joint across town.  As we pulled in her phone went off, “Hi babe!  Yea we just pulled in to Joe’s.  Elaine’s with me,” she smiled over at me and began talking in French to whom I assume was her boyfriend.

Soon as she hung up, we headed in.  Vero had asked for a table of five so once we sat down I asked who’d be meeting us.  “Marc and a couple of his friends,” replied nonchalantly while she read the menu.  “I’m telling you, the boy doesn’t know how to fend for himself.”

When Kerry and I first met Vero, she was pretty mum about her personal life.  I never thought much about it because I’m the same way.  However, I can’t say it’s because I’m dating a professional hockey player.

When Vero told us that she was dating Marc Andre Fleury of the Pittsburgh Penguins, she leaned back in her chair, waiting for Kerry or me to freak out.  Kerry merely shrugged—she wasn’t much of a hockey fan, much to my dismay. 

Vero looked at me next.  “Well that’s unfortunate,” I said casually.  “I’m a Capitals fan.  So I hope you don’t mind if after a Pens loss I call you and leave you taunting voice messages about how much ya’ll suck before I break out into a Caps chant.”  She threw fries at me, so I’m thinking she was relieved.

Because I almost always turned down invites to go out, I had never met Marc, his friends or teammates before, but Kerry said that they’re a riot and I just took her word for it.  I guess I’d be finding out for myself soon enough.

Vero and I were chatting away when I saw her face lit up.  I looked over my shoulder at the door, and immediately I recognized Marc.  Not too far behind him was Jordan Staal who had Kris Letang in a head lock.  You’d never see him though because his hair was long enough to cover his face.

Marc slid into the booth next to Vero, giving her a kiss and I almost felt like I was intruding on them for looking.

“Dibbs!” Jordan yells as he jumps into the booth next to me, sliding right up to my side.  “Hi!  I’m Jordan,” he grins, holding his large hand out.

As a hockey fan, I hated the Staal brothers.  But damn it, the boy was good-freaking-looking!

I gave him an honest smile and shook his hand.  Vero then introduced me to Marc, or Flower.  “Vero talks 
about you so much I feel like I already know you,” he beamed.  “We’re practically best friends already!” he cringed as Vero grabbed his side, shaking her head.

“Oh dear god,” I laughed.  “I can only imagine what she’s said!”

Last was Kris.  As I looked over to him, he ran his hand through his hair.

“And you must be Kris,” I smiled.  Kris delicately grabbed my hand and kissed the knuckle, “Bonjour, ma belle.”

I couldn’t help but blush as he winked, which only made Flower and Jordan roll their eyes and moan.  Kris smiled at that with a smirk, I’m sure could get him out of anything.  Hell, it could me out of anything.

We ordered our food and drinks, and we dived into the typical getting-to-know-you conversations.  Kris was surprisingly witty, and was hilariously sarcastic.  Marc and Jordan were just big goof balls, cracking jokes and picking on each other.  Kerry was right, they were a lot of fun.

The guys had practice in the morning so we headed on out to say goodbye before going home.  I couldn’t help but laugh as Jordan engulfed me in a bear hug.  Marc told me that we had to get together again sometime soon.

“Yea right,” She gave me a hug and winked at me before climbing in Marc’s car.  She laughed as I stuck my tongue out at her while I glared and turned to head home.

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  1. I see you're holding out on the Sid. I see what you're doing. Tease!!!